Friday, June 11, 2010

An inspirational day

Today was truly an inspirational day - for two reasons:

1. Bodie got extubated!!! Despite battling a serious blood infection, he had his shortest intubation yet - 36 hours! Our little guy is such a fighter and we continue to be so amazed by his strength (well, ok, stubbornness) and determination. Here's a pic of the little guy, sleeping peacefully, post extubation:

2. We got to meet this woman and her husband:

She's beautiful, right? (You can see Bodie staring up at her adoringly - not that we can blame him!) Well, she's even more beautiful to us because of what she represents. Her name is Jeni Busta and she is a 24 year old HLHS survivor!!! She is one of the oldest HLHS survivors and has not yet needed a transplant! Like Bodie, she has a pacemaker. She and her amazingly supportive husband happened to be in the CTICU visiting another family and, of course, once word got out, every family with a hypoplast in the unit was lining up to talk to them! She is so positive and gave us such hope that Bodie can live a normal life. Her life has by no means been easy, but she is so happy and just seems so content with her life. With as unpredictable as Bodie's future is, it just meant more to us that I can say to see someone doing so well!

For prayer requests tonight, we have a few:
1. Pray that Bodie continues to tolerate the extubation so that they can wean him back off of oxygen at some point over the weekend (I'm sure he'd like to be on room air again and have that annoying nasal canula out of his nose).
2. They plan to restart feeds again tomorrow. This is always a big step for Bodie. Pray that he tolerates his feeds and is able to get back up to full feeds soon. Along the same lines, pray that his stamina increases so that he can eat more. (And pray that he can wait until tomorrow to start eating again - the poor guy was trying to eat just about anything he could today - his pacifier, his hands, the tubes, etc. - and getting more and more frustrated that he wasn't getting any milk out of them. The poor guy is starving!)

Thanks awesome prayer warriors!


  1. My handsome Bodie. I love seeing you extubated! I pray and believe that you are going to live a looooooong, healthy life, and like your HLHS visitor friend, be a continued miracle and inspiration... maybe even be a preacher one day! I love you, my baby and will pray for al of your mommy's requests. I miss you so deeply. Sending you all my love and loads of prayers. Nairi and family

  2. What an amazing meeting!! I am sure that was a great encouragement. God is good. We love all the Bennett's and are praying for you all.

  3. Wow, that is so awesome Amy! I love how God brings us what/who we need when we need it! We pray every day for Bodie...well, Evan still prays for Bootie :-).


  4. Keep it up Bodie!!!!!

    And that is awesome that you got to meet Jeni! She was one of the first people to email me when I found out about my son's HLHS. So amazing :)

  5. My gorgeous peanut! I pray you'll have a smooth night and wake up stronger in the morning. Sleep with angels, baby. I love you. Nairi

  6. I'm so happy for you guys and little Bodie! He's constantly amazing, isn't he?! What a wonderful opportunity to meet with such an inspirational young lady. I'd say that was a divinely appointed encounter! I'm sure that it encouraged you so much. I checked out her website and she is an inspiration to all of us on how we should live each day LOVING and showing LOVE and being grateful to have one more day. Wonderful reminder.