Thursday, July 15, 2010

We have a plan!

Bodie got moved to the step-down floor today! It seems we now have a plan. His antibiotics are done next week (I'm not sure which day - I think Wednesday or Thursday). At that point, one of two things will happen: (1) Bodie will go home; or (2) Bodie will have his Glenn. What determines which thing happens is how well Bodie eats and gains weight. If he can eat well and consistently gain weight for the next week, then they'll assume he's growing into his shunt and he'll go home to grow for a bit before the Glenn. If he can't, then they'll assume his shunt is just too big for him to grow into and they'll just do his Glenn now. So, I'm relieved because we have a specific plan - we don't have to worry that we'll be sitting around the hospital forever to see if he can grow.

And the nice thing is that, since Bodie is still being treated for MRSA, we're in isolation, so Bodie has his own room. The rooms are all double rooms, so we really have a lot of space. And, no risk of Bodie catching an infection from his roommate! And, the step-down unit is a little more flexible than the icu and I don't have to wear a gown or gloves! I cannot tell you what it felt like today - for the first time in 5 weeks, I got to hold my son with no gown or gloves in the way!!! It was wonderful! :-)

So, tonight, please just pray that Bodie keeps eating well and gaining weight, so that we can go home finally!!!



  1. Wow Amy, It's the small things (and the big things) I take for granted. I'm soooo glad you have your own room, what a blessing on so many levels!!! I'll be praying you can stick to "the plan"
    Bodie really is too adorable. How's Sierra been? I bet she likes having her own hospital room too. :) Love, Erin

  2. Very glad to see Bodie growing. He is definitely bigger since the last time I saw him which is very exciting. So glad you aren't sharing a room with a hacking-cougher! Sounds like the step-down floor will be a great place to rest and grow and recover this time. Praying you get home quickly so you can all get some rest.


  3. Amy,
    I know that growth is super important for Bodie, but given the above picture, he looks great. I'm jealous of those cheeks and meaty little arms! I have a few pounds I can share with him :).

  4. Praying for great weight gain and home sweet home for little Bodie. You all deserve a great break and especially a break from the hospital.

  5. My beautiful Bodie. We will keep praying for you, always! I love you, peanut!
    xo: nairi and family

  6. Yay! This is such wonderful news! Who knew having a PLAN could be such a relief? I bet it brings an immense peace of mind for you and your family to know what the options are. Of course it's all up to Bodie to decide which plan of action he wants to go with! I'll be praying he puts on lots of weight over the next week and will be able to go HOME, SWEET HOME for some time before his Glenn.

    What a wonderful answer to prayer! I'm SO happy for you guys!!! And seriously, could Bodie BE any cuter?! I love the pics!!!

  7. Sleep with angels, my baby... and get fat tonight! :o) I love you. God bless You: Nairi & family

  8. Hello Bennett's, I have been following your little guy for months now as I too am a mommy of a HLHS baby. Your little Bodie has had quite a string of bad luck when it comes to trying to go home and kick those nasty infections but that awesome power of prayer keeps pulling him through!!! :) Although we do not know eachother I have been keeping your little guy in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to do so. Amy you're an AWESOME mom and Sierra & Bodie are lucky to have you. Take care & if you would like to email me feel free- - also you can check out my little peanuts CB site if you'd like it is
    Heart Hugs, Tanner Kali & Jozie (HLHS) Kiecker