Sunday, July 18, 2010

Prayers for Isaac (and a little clarification)

Please pray for Isaac today. Isaac was Bodie's roommate after his first surgery (both in the ICU for a couple of weeks and for the duration of Bodie's stay on the step-down floor). During that time, I forged a really close friendship with Isaac's amazing mom, Cindy (who, as it turns out, lives in Santa Maria, a town over from where I grew up and my parents still live - talk about a small world!). You may remember me requesting prayer and providing updates about Isaac in the past. Well, apparently, Isaac heard Bodie was giving the nurses and doctors a run for their money, and in true Bodie/Isaac fashion, decided he wanted to get in on the action. So he, now, is back in the hospital as well. :-( He has a virus (they're not sure what - they're thinking perhaps croup) and is in critical condition. They can't get his breathing under control and have increased his breathing treatments to every hour (and may be putting him on a continuous breathing mask). If that doesn't work, they will likely airflight him to Cottage Hospital. In addition, he had what they believe were 2 seizures last night, so they have put him on anti-epileptic meds. Please pray hard for Isaac's little body (that he can get the upper hand on this), for his doctors (that they have the wisdom to figure out what's wrong and properly treat it) and for his parents, Cindy and Jeff (that they would just be bathed in the peace of knowing that God's mighty hand is in control of all of this).

And, in completely unrelated news, it appears I need to clarify my post a bit from last night. From the responses I'm getting, it's obvious everyone is really worried about Bodie. Thank you for your concern, but actually, c-diff (assuming that's what this is), really isn't that big a deal. Obviously, we wish he wouldn't have gotten it, but it's really common among kids who are on antibiotics (it's a bacteria that can readily set into systems where antibiotics have killed off all the good bacteria). And you can help prevent it with probiotics (like we've been doing with Bodie), but it's not perfect and c-diff can still set in. The reason Bodie got SO sick the first time he had c-diff was that he was symptomatic for a week, and wouldn't eat at all, so kept getting progressively weaker. If they can catch the c-diff early, it's just a matter of putting him on antibiotics for 5-7 days and he's usually fine. (He's already had 2 cases of it this hospital admission; the 2nd one, he was fine by the day after they started his antibiotics.) I was able to feed him in small quantities super frequently yesterday, so he still met his goal calorie intake and gained weighed in spite of the c-diff! YAY!!! And, as long as he's otherwise stable, being on antibiotics for c-diff shouldn't hold up his discharge. If they otherwise determine that he can go home, he'll just go home on oral meds. Hope that helps to clear it up! Oh, and one more sweet pic to share. Last night, before bed, I was giving him a "bath" and singing Amazing Grace. He was just gazing up at me with the biggest goofiest smile on his face. It was such a sweet moment. :-)


  1. My family and I will pray for Isaac, Wyatt, and Bodie, and all parents/siblings. God bless you all. Big hugs: Nairi

  2. Thank you for clarifying the c-diff. I am continuing to keep up the prayers for Bodie and Isaac.

  3. I was wondering after your last post was c-diff was. I'm glad you shared! :o)

    Will be praying for Isaac and Bodie both!

  4. I really hope one day that I get to meet Bodie in person. He truely is one of my inspirations. When I was at my weakest, I would look at my boy. Seeing how strong Landon could be at his age made me realize that I could be even stronger. I feel the same for Bodie. When I have a bad day, I look at the smilie pictures you post of him and remember that through everything he is going through, he has that smile. God bless that sweet boy!