Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's really going to happen

Well, Bodie has been scheduled for his cath tomorrow at 10am. The general consensus from most of the doctors is that his current problems stem from overcirculation from his really large BT shunt, which will be solved by the Glenn (since he'll no longer use his shunt after the Glenn). So, they want to check out his lung pressures, make sure they're ok and then send him for his Glenn. But our current attending keeps saying "let's do the Glenn to get a better idea of what's going on with Bodie to determine the best possible route for him." This statement literally keeps me up at night because, as far as I have been told, he only has 2 possible routes: (1) Glenn or (2) transplant. We do not want to be talking transplant yet. Soooo....please pray and pray hard for Bodie tonight and tomorrow morning!!! Pray specifically that:

1. His procedure itself goes well, with NO surprises and that his little body comes out fine.
2. His lung pressures are good so that he is a GOOD candidate for the Glenn now.
3. No other problems with his physiology show up.

Oh, and in completely unrelated bad news, Sierra has her first cavity. I know, I know - bad, bad mommy! :-( Because she's so young, they're going to have to put her under general anethesia to fill the large cavity and a couple of smaller ones just starting. We're supposed to fit this in within a week or so. Not quite sure how we're going to do that. Please pray we get it worked out.

Thanks - and I'll keep you updated throughout the morning tomorrow!



  1. Love that little guy so much! I'm really lovin' these super cute happy Bodie pictures.

    We will be praying hard.

  2. Amy,
    Your strength and courage continues to amaze me. We will say a special prayer tonight for Bodie and your family. God bless your little man!
    Traci (JM mommy)

  3. Praying for you, my Bodie. And sweet Sierra... we will say a special prayer for you too. We love you guys. God is with you. xoxo... nairi

  4. We love Bodie and the Bennett's. Praying for you all!

  5. Amy - We'll pray extra for Bodie today. Also, you are an excellent mommy so don't beat your self up on the cavity. We know identical twins Sierra's age and one had some cavities (going under the same as Sierra) and one had perfect teeth....both kids - same foods, same genes, same cleaning routine. You are an awesome mom and don't forget that. Loves, Bonnie

  6. Many Prayers and much love to Bodie! Please, Lord, let this round be smooth sailing.

    Amy, you're not a bad mommy! My dentist explained to me long ago that some people are more prone to cavities than others. He has two boys, both have the same oral regimen yet one has perfect teeth and the other is riddled with cavities. Go figure! Hope that helps a bit. ;-)

    Love, Jeannette