Friday, July 9, 2010

Mr. Smileypants

Look mommy, I found my hands!!!

Man, this kid is SOOOOO happy. I think most 5 month olds are, but it's just so amazing to see it in a child who has spent as much time in the hospital as he has. He really has every reason to be whiny and complainy, but honestly, other than when he's hungry or they're trying to retape his ng tube, this is what I'm treated to most of the day:
Not much new to report for Bodie, except that he's happy and gaining weight, which makes mama happy. In other updates, my mom's surgery was a success and she was home hours afterward!!! She's in some pain but is really doing wonderfully. Bodie's heart friend Josh has had a rougher week. He had his valve repair and Glenn surgery yesterday. They thought it was really successful, but then his echo this morning showed the valve was coming loose again, so they had to rush him back into the OR and attempt the repair again. He did ok, but the doctor's are cautious about how they think he will do. Please continue to keep him in your prayers!



  1. Okay, I could just go ahead and eat him up!!! That smile just melts my heart!!! I'm so happy to hear he's putting on weight! Go, Bodie!!! Also glad to hear your mom's surgery was successful. And I'll be praying for little Josh. I can't even imagine! God is in control and thankfully He's still in the miracle business, as is proven to us heart families every single day!!!

  2. Amy, he is just too darn cute!! So great to hear that he is a happy little guy. Think about you guys often and praying often too....

  3. He's so happy because he's so loved by his mommy. So precious! Glad to hear your mom is home already, been praying for her too. Now we know where Bodie gets the fighter in him. :)
    Praying for little Josh too. Life is so precious! Love you guys! Erin

  4. My Bodie. Hi Peanut! I wanted to remind you that we are all praying for you daily and can't wait till you come home. You are a GORGEOUS baby and I love you tons and tons. Continue to be a miracle, my baby! Show the rest of the world what faith and the power of God can accomplish. We will also be praying for your friend, Josh, to heal. Be blessed, my love. Nairi n family