Saturday, July 17, 2010

A little complication

Well, you all know how Bodie rolls - if it's possible to have an infection, he wants it - and he'll find a way to get it, even in isolation! Yesterday, blood showed up in his stool and by this morning, GI issues had set in (arching, wimpering, crying during feeds, not much desire to eat, etc.). My gut feeling (no pun intended) is that he has c-diff again, since his symptoms are exactly what they were the first time he had c-diff. Besides the fact that we don't want him getting sick again, this does present a complication in that our main test this week is whether he can eat enough to gain weight. If he doesn't want to eat because of the c-diff, it may end up looking like he can't eat to gain weight when he in fact can.

So I pressed the doctors, and they got Infectious Diseases involved today and have already started him prohylactically on oral vancomycin. (They ran a c-diff culture, but it will take another day or so to get the results back.) The last time he had c-diff, he responded really well to the oral vanco (they put him on flagyll the first time, but switched to vanco last time around), so let's hope this is in fact c-diff and he responds really well to vanco again!

He had been eating extremely well up until this morning and just hasn't been eating quite as well today. (Although I've been working hard to get good volume into him, I can tell the poor guy just doesn't really feel much like eating.) Please pray that his symptoms are caused by c-diff and he responds quickly to the vanco and gets back to eating well quickly!

And please keep praying for Wyatt - he had more fluid build-up in his lungs, so they had to open his chest today to relieve the pressure. He's doing well now and is stable, but definitely needs your prayers for the fluid to get out of his lungs so that he can recover quickly and GO HOME!!!



  1. Argh! This does not surprise me one bit! That Bodie! What is he thinking? Honestly, that onesie he's wearing in the adorable pic you posted is 100% correct -- especially about the "MOST of the time" part! Wow. I sure hope he keeps eating and gaining even through this little hurdle. And KUDOS to you for staying on top of things and keeping those docs in line! You are the very BEST advocate for sweet Bodie and you are doing an excellent job!

    Heart hugs to you and your cute little guy!

  2. My dear Amy. Of course we will pray for my Bodie to get well soon, eat and get chubby! And we will prayer harder for Wyatt! You know, I have a "theory"/ thought... perhaps some of the "fussiness" in Bodie is also caused by a change in environment and going from a familiar place to a new unit with not as much attention... I remember he had a similar reaction last time... and even non-heart kids react "funny" to a new milieu... nevertheless, we will be praying for my Bodie and Wyatt! Sleep with angels, Bodie. I love you. I hope you will feel God's loving arms holding you tonight. Big Hugs: Nairi