Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Special prayers for Bodie's heart buddy, Wyatt

Please lift a special prayer for Bodie's heart buddy, Wyatt, today. His parents just posted the below update. It sounds like he needs our prayers now more than ever.

Thank you!

Wyatt just went into surgery, they said it will take a few hours. There are also again risks involved with this surgery so please pray that everything goes well. Dr. Hammel talked to us about how Wyatt is fighting but is wondering if he can survive it all. So far he's doing good and his heart is working fine, it's just alot for someone to take on. So please pray, this is quite the rollercoaster and we need all the prayers we can. Thanks.
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  1. Praying for Wyatt right now, asking for healing and a long life here on earth. Love and blessings: nairi