Monday, July 5, 2010

Getting away from it all

Since Bodie's cath went so well, we really have no idea what the next few weeks will bring, and I desperately needed to get out of the hospital, this holiday weekend seemed a great time just to get away for a few days. So, Dusk, Sierra and I packed up and headed out to my parent's place in Palm Springs for some very much needed R&R. We had such a wonderful time, just relaxing and reconnecting with one another again. We cannot wait until the day we can take Bodie with us. For the time being, he stayed behind with our favorite nurse Andrea (we were lucky enough to catch her on a 4-day shift, so Bodie had her for his cath and then the entire time we were gone) and had a great weekend, basically just playing and eating. Bless Andrea's heart, she emailed me these pics throughout the weekend (it really made it so that I could relax and enjoy my weekend - as you can see from the pics, he did just fine without us!):

(they dressed him up for July 4th!):

As for us, we relaxed, swam and Sierra got her first pedicure with mommy! Silly stuff, but just so wonderful to take the time to do the silly stuff

We're still kind of in a holding pattern with Bodie's surgery. The cardiologists all say Bodie's a good candidate for the Glenn, but we have to wait for his surgeon to come back to make the final call. He gets back next Monday and then he operates Mondays and Thursdays. We know Bodie won't be on his schedule his first day back since he'll need to consult on Bodie first. So, we're all kind of guessing his surgery might be next Thursday. But, as I said, it's up to his surgeon, so he could say he wants to delay it to let Bodie gain more weight or for some other reason. So tonight, please pray that Bodie keeps on eating well, his BNP keeps dropping and his weight keeps going up so that the surgeon will agree that it's time to do the Glenn.

Thanks - and Happy 4th of July!!!


  1. I am so glad the three of you were able to get away for the weekend! And way awesome that Andrea emailed you the pictures of Bodie. Love you guys!


  2. I love the picture of your two feet together - priceless! Love and Hugs

  3. God Bless You all. Such beautiful pictures of you all. Sierra looks so happy and pretty, and my Bodie's great! We love you all, Amy. Praying for you all the time. xoxo: nairi, michael, and kids

  4. I am happy that you, Sierra and Dusk got a weekend out...and that Bodie did so well. Tell Sierra that her pedi looks beautiful. Love, Bonnie & the Kerrs

  5. I'm so glad you guys snuck away for a bit, and that all went well with Bodie. He has a great nurse. I love the pedicures...can't wait to take Annette someday. :) We'll be praying for a surgery date soon. Love,Erin

  6. amy, that's so great you were able to get away. it was much needed and i'm sure you are all (especially sierra) so much better for it!

    keep strong! xo