Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mission: Beef Bodie Up

I got some clarification from the attendings today and the general consensus is that right now, Bodie is still doing well. He has a little over a week left on his antibiotics. Provided he stays stable, and can prove that he can eat and grow consistently, he can go home when he's done with his antibiotics!!! If he cannot prove that he can eat and grow, then we'll have to relook at his Glenn. He has been eating and growing well for about the last week and a half, so right now, he certainly looks like he's on a trajectory to go home before his Glenn. However, if he decides to stop eating, that plan could change at any moment. For instance, the last 2 days, he was really cranky, didn't eat very well and lost some weight. He seemed to be doing better today, so we're hoping it's just teething - but with heart kiddos, you have to be kind of careful.

So, our prayer requests tonight are:
1. Bodie eats like a madman from here on out!
2. Bodie gains weight consistently.
3. We don't get any more surprises (i.e. no more infections), so we can go home soon!!!

And, thank you for your prayers for Wyatt! He came through his surgery well and is doing great right now (off bypass and ecmo - go Wyatt!). As with any heart surgery, the next 24-48 hours are critical, so please keep the prayers coming!




  1. Of course we will continue to pray for my Bodie. And, how wonderful to hear about Wyatt! Praise God. We will be praying for him too. Sleep with angels, my Bodie. XO: Nairi and family (By the way, Bodie, Sawyer too said today that she thinks you'll be a preacher! That's what I always say! :O)

  2. News changes so quickly! We'll keep praying for God's best for you family! Glad Wyatt has come out of surgery stable, we'll keep him in our prayers as well. Love, Erin