Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 weeks ago tonight...

3 weeks ago tonight, we were watching our little baby fight to live. I watched as doctors and nurses pulled out all the stops just to try to keep him alive - and I (and they) knew they were fighting a losing battle. It was the hardest part of this journey to date. And, most importantly, 3 weeks ago tonight, we were imploring every one we knew to intercede on our behalf to ask God for a miracle. And boy did he respond...

because, I am now typing this from home with my sweet little girl asleep in her bed and my sweet little boy asleep in his bassinet...


YES, FOR REAL, WE ARE HOME! 2 weeks post-surgery! Praise God!!! And Bodie is doing so well! We are settling back in to living all under the same roof again (what a wonderful adjustment to make, right?). Bodie seems a bit overwhelmed (I suppose I would be too, considering he spent the exact same amount of time in the hospital this second time (3 weeks) as he spent at home between the two surgeries - who knows if he even remembers home). But, tonight, he gave us 3 big, beautiful smiles! Honestly, he had not smiled in probably a week and we were so missing it - so it gives me such peace to see his smile now and to know that he must be feeling better! YAY!

Here's a pic of his going home outfit (can you read the shirt? It says "Chicks dig scars" - love it!)

Here was his smile (the best chance I could get to catch it on camera).

I also wanted to update you on some of the other heart kiddos I've asked you to pray for:

1. Addie: I talked to Addie's mom Dana today and Addie is not doing well. Unfortunately, the infection really taxed her little heart and set her back quite a bit. She's now back on a lot of the meds she had been weaned off of. Tonight please pray hard for Addie. In particular, please pray that her heart shrinks back down to normal size and she is able to wean back off of the drips she is on (epi, milrinone, dopamine, etc.). Pray that these changes would come about quickly and that the doctors in the CTICU would be astounded by having seen 2 miracles in their unit in such a short time frame! Please also pray for her sweet mom, Dana - she is such a wonderful mom and is doing such a good job trying to juggle having a child in the hospital with 2 other young kiddos at home. Please pray for strength and stamina for her as she endures this. Pray that God would wrap her in His protective arms and that she would feel His peace. And just so you know who you're praying for, here's a picture of the cutie:

2. Jacob: Jacob had his cardiac catheterization yesterday and did awesome! His pressures were good (that was a huge concern for the doctors) and they've now decided that he's stable enough to go home! He is set to be released to the Ronald McDonald House Thursday and then all the way home next Monday. Pray for continued strength and weight gain for Jacob and peace for his mama Kathy as she gets ready to take him out of the hospital and care for him all by herself for the first time!

Thank you amazing prayer warriors!!! You are all making such a difference! God bless you all!!!


Dusk, Amy & Sierra


  1. My Bodie! You look so, so awesome! I can't wait to see you, sweet peanut! God bless you, my little miracle. I am so happy that u r home with mom, dad, and Sierra. They have missed u so, so much! Stay healthy, baby and we will all be praying for you! ALWAYS! And, we are praying for your friends, especially Addie tonight. Sleep with angels, sweet boy! God bless you all. Much love: Nairi and family

  2. SO happy for your family!!! Know what a good feeling to be HOME!!! YEAHHHHHHH BODIE!!!!! Love, Sara Hale and Family

  3. Praise God! We are so happy and pray that God makes the path smooth for Bodie. We love you, Bonnie & Kerrs

  4. My heart is overflowing and my eyes are just full of happy tears! What a miracle that boy is! I can only imagine the peace your heart is feeling right now. LJ also has a "chicks dig scars" shirt ;) In fact, I am buying him one in every size, I find it adorable!

    My prayers remain for Bodie, Addie and Jocab!

  5. I'm amazed! God is good! So glad you're all home again, praying you stay there. We'll be praying for Bodie's buddies. Love, Erin

  6. Praise God! Yahoo! Wow! So many excited thoughts to share my fingers can't type fast enough. We are overjoyed for you ALL. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your time at home reconnecting as family. Huge hugs and kisses to all of you! Love, ~Jeannette & Mike

  7. Oh I love his dear little smile and we are all thrilled to hear that your little family is reunited at home. God is so wonderful - He carries us through each hurdle of life in a way that produces such love in our hearts for Him. I pray the same for Jacob and Addie's families; God has enough for all! Love to you all, Karen

  8. You look beyond happy in that pic with both kids! Love it! God is good!