Thursday, May 20, 2010

Praise God for infections!

Oh my - all I have to say is that I want to know which one of you has a direct line to God, because He has already started answering our prayers!!! Less than an hour after updating the blog, the doctor came and told me that Bodie tested positive for c-diff, a nasty bacterial infection that can cause vomiting, bloody stools, loss in appetite and (drumroll, please) horrible fits of pain exactly like what Bodie has been going through!!! So now they know what caused his downfall and they can easily treat it with antibiotics! Praise God!!! The doctor was thrilled.

They also can explain the reduced heart function by the c-diff, as they expect to see some reduced heart function in single ventricle kids after illness like this - and they expect the function to improve over time as he heals.

I don't know that this changes the long-term prognosis we discussed with the doctor today. Possibly. But what we do know right now is that he is definitely doing better and is positively responding to everything they're doing. Praise God! Please continue to pray that he totally blows the doctors away and they change his long-term prognosis!!!

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  1. I pray that you and Dusk (and Sierra) get to see Bodie's children as your grandkids. I pray that he REALLY beats the odds. I love my Bodie and will never stop praying for him. Sleep with angles my boy and may our loving God heal and strengthen your body over night. All my love: Nairi

  2. Hi Amy and Dusk, Bonnie called me about Bodie really needing prayer right away. I was going out the door for an unexpected extra trip to San Luis Obispo so could pray all the way there. We are so concerned but praying for wisdom for the doctors/medical personnel, for you as parents, for Sierra and all the extended family. We love you all and Bodie so much! Love always, Carolyn Thom and family

  3. Praying, praying. God is great. Hang in there, Mama, and you too Bodie. He is a strong little guy on his way to do even more amazing things. Sending more prayers for the entire family.


  4. Praise God! Our little ones are so amazing and the miracles abound. Praying Bodie responds well to the antibiotics and gets to go home again soon.

  5. Praise God! Bodie was on my heart and mind as I went to sleep last night and the first thing on my mind when I woke up. I've been praying specifically for the doctors to find the source of Bodie's pain and am praising God for the answer to prayer for sweet Bodie! Looking forward to hearing continued progress and improvements for your precious little baby!

    Praising the Lord with you!

  6. This made my morning and put a huge smile on my face. Look at Bodie's recent picture I could tell that he isn't letting this get him down and that he is always ready to fight. He is God's miracle!! BIG THINGS!

  7. I attend church at Shepherd of the Mountains with Alan and Jan, and I just wanted to let you know I've been following little Bodie's journey, and keeping you all in my prayers. I know it's been a lot of ups and downs for you, with probably more to come, but I also know the Lord will be with you through it all. May He who sacrificed His own Son for us hold you all in his strong and comforting arms.