Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still fighting on

Bodie is doing fine. Not great, but he's hanging in there, fighting this virus with everything he has. Our little man is such a fighter! The virus has moved into one of his lungs, so he's sounding a bit junky and working a bit harder to breathe - so they put him on a high flow nasal canula to help him out. We're hoping he'll start to get better in the next few days. The good news is that his heart is getting better - his BNP is now down to around 3,700, so definitely trending in the right direction! His platelets are also increasing well (and he tested negative for the heparin antibody, which is wonderful news - one less thing to worry about in the future).

And in other wonderful news, after 2 and 1/2 long months in the CTICU, Addie moved to the step-down floor today! Here is a picture of her with her awesome mommy, Dana! We are so excited for her and inspired by the progress she's made. Thank you all for your prayers for the sweetie!



  1. Wow, my Bodie! You continue to inspire me! I wish I could carry your discomforts for you, my love. But I know you'll be well soon. Stay strong my love. And, baby Addie... we have been praying for you daily too, beautiful girl. How wonderful to get to the step down unit! You are a miracle, baby girl and we will continue to pray for you to get well and we'll pray that you get to go home with your mommy soon. Sleep with angels tonight, my Bodie and sweet Addie. God is watching over you and all of your friends at the hospital. Much Love, Nairi and family

  2. Yeah for Addie! What a sweet little girl she is! And what a honor to pray for our warrior Bodie. Love, Karen

  3. He is growing into such a strong beautiful little fighter. I jsut want you to know that he is in my thoughts and prayers.
    Bodie... please continue to amaze us with your strength and courage. I will be rooting for you little man!!