Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday update

As you can see, Bodie is clearly distraught over the recent turn of events! Ah well, if only one of us is going to be traumatized by this whole experience, I'm glad it's me and not him. :-) Actually, best as I can tell, Bodie, oddly enough, is thrilled to be back here. He has been nothing but silly, goofy smiles since we got here. I figure it's either because he thinks this is home (sad, but I'd probably feel the same way if I were him, considering he's spent 9 of his 12 short weeks of life here) or because he's just so glad not to have a highly excitable 3-year old shrieking around him all day long. :-) (Seriously, are 3 year olds genetically programmed to do EVERYTHING louder than the rest of the human race???)

In any case, Bodie seems to be doing well. They still don't know what's causing the blood in his stools (although that seems to have abated at the moment, thankfully), and he is definitely less interested in eating and has lost weight (clearly it's all inter-related, but they don't know the cause). One theory is that he has an intestinal bug (should get cultures back in a couple of days to prove/disprove that); another theory is that he has a milk protein allergy (if he's still having problems in a few days, they'll probably have me try cutting dairy out of my diet and see if that helps). Or it may be something else that just resolves on its own. In any case, our stay shouldn't be more than a few days hopefully! They just have to get him back to full feeds and gaining weight.

Thank you so much for your prayers not just for Bodie, but for entire family. Truly, they have meant so much and made such a difference! Please keep them coming. I will update once we know anything more.


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  1. Funny little guy. I'm so glad he is not upset about being in the hospital again. I'm sorry for the toll it's taking on the rest of family. I will pray that God gives you peace through this. Thanks for the smile pictures, they are very heart warming and a relief to see his happiness instead of tears.

  2. Glad to see those smiles and hope that his happy mood continues. Hopefully they figure out the cause soon and you'll be home - the real home - again soon! =o) Love, Sara

  3. God bless you, my sweet Bodie. It's so nice to see you smiling. Sending you and your family loads of prayers and unconditional love. Sleep with angels tonight. Biiig hugs: Nairi and family

  4. My Bodie. I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you right now... that your tummy pain subsides and that you eat and gain weight, my peanut! I love you. I pray that God's angels watch over you and that you really feel our loving God holding you right now. I can't wait to see you soon. All my love: Nairi

  5. Amy, You're hilarious! Bodie is adorable! I should take a lesson from him. We'll be praying for his GI issues. We would like to see you all at home again. Love you guys! Love, Erin