Saturday, May 15, 2010

And...back we go...

So bummed to have to post this, but we are heading back to the ER yet again with Bodie. The good news is that it doesn't appear to have anything to do with his heart this time! At his pediatrician's appointment Friday, we discovered that he had some blood in his stool, so she sent us to the hospital. We were seen by the cardiac team at Children's, where they decided to put him on Zantac and another med and just to watch him as he otherwise seemed ok. We were to go back today for outpatient labs, but I just got a call from the Nurse Practitioner and they've decided that since it's been going on for a couple of days now and single ventricle kids are so fragile and go downhill so fast, they want him to go instead to the ER to be admitted. The kicker is that they don't even have any beds available on the step down unit, so we'll have to wait it out in the ER until they do have a bed available for Bodie upstairs. NO idea how long that'll be. Needless to say, we're very frustrated and sad to think of Bodie once again being poked and prodded in very short time here. It's especially a bummer that this is all going down on Dusk's birthday. :-(

Please pray for Bodie, that whatever this is gets resolved quickly (they think it's either a med reaction or a bug - my bet's on a bug of some sort) so that we can come home soon. And pray for Amy, who is really missing having her family together in one place and has really hit her limit with all of this and could use an extra measure of grace at the moment. And please pray for Dusk and Sierra, back home alone again, waiting to hear how Bodie is doing.

Will update once we know more...


  1. My dear Amy, Dusk, Sierra, and Bodie! We are praying for you all! These are temporary trials and we hope they come to an end really, really soon. We pray that Bodie is healthy and gets to come home really soon again. We are here for you guys. God bless you so very much. Much Love, Nairi and family PS! Happy birthday Dusk! I pray that you'll have an amazing year ahead with all your family members healthy at home.

  2. Amy - We are praying for Bodie, you, Dusk and Sierra. I pray that God gives you the extra you need and carries you right now. You are so faithful to the Lord and I pray you feel His faithfulness to you. We love you. Love, Bonnie & Kerrs

  3. ((Hugs)) and prayers!!!! I hope they don't have you waiting around for long and you get some answer very quick...

  4. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that Chase had some blood in his stool after we came home following his Norwood. Our pediatrician said it was probably due to a milk allergy, so I cut milk out of my diet since I was breastfeeding, but we still saw trace amounts. I researched it and asked some other moms with HLHS babies, and several of them said their little ones had the same issue after the Norwood. I also contacted one of the ICU cardiologists at MUSC (where Chase had his surgery), and he told me it could be due to the following:

    "1) Their immature body undergoing major stresses with surgery and getting use to a new physiology, 2) Being on a blood thinner like aspirin or heparin, 3) lots of tubes in their stomach and temperatures being taken from their bottoms to name a few of the major ones. Because of all of this we typically feed babies with HLHS either a broken down formula (elemental formula) that is easier on their digestive system or breast milk. In my experience this (and time) takes care of it. I talked with a few of my colleagues and they state it is not that uncommon to continue to see blood in the stool later as well."

    Obviously you'll rely on the medical advice you're receiving at the ER, but I was hoping this information might put some of your fears or worries at ease. Oh, and one other thing... Chase was also on thickened feeds after his Norwood (we used a product called "Simply Thick" instead of thickening with cereal) and thought it was possible the thick feeds were a bit harder on him to digest and caused some of the blood spots in his stool.

    I'm keeping your family and sweet Bodie in my prayers!

  5. Oh Amy, so sorry! We'll keep you all in our prayers. Happy Birthday Dusk!

  6. Good night my sweet Bodie. Sleep with angels tonight. Praying for you to come home to mommy, daddy and sister Sierra really soon. I love you. Nairi

  7. Sending prayers that the medical team working with Bodie finds the cause quickly, gratitude for Kathy for providing her experience and information, healing for Bodie and especially strength for Amy - you have been beyond amazing and so much has been asked of you and you've risen to meet every challenge. May God provide you with a new dose of strength, resolve and patience and bring you all home under one roof VERY soon! Happy Belated Birthday to Dusk! Love you all, Mike & Jeannette

  8. Lots of prayers! Stay strong, Amy! Praying it's a short stay && you're all under one roof very very soon!

  9. Dearest Amy,

    I know that you are coming to the end of your strength. At this point in our journey, when I felt like I couldn't bear another minute of heartbreak and disappointment, I took a long walk by myself and prayed. I prayed without stop, talking to God about what my and my son's needs were, how I didn't feel I had the strength to continue, and how I needed His help to pick me back up and renew my hope for my son. I walked for 45 minutes. I arrived back home with new hope and a sense of peace. And do you know what...Everett came home five days later.

    Just when we feel we do not have the strength to stand, God lifts us up and fulfills our needs. Take a walk today and know that we, Bodie's prayer warriors, and petitioning to God every moment. We are with you and will lift you up when you fall. You are strong!!!

    Sara Bollinger