Sunday, May 23, 2010

Off the vent!

Bodie came off the vent today! And went to straight nasal canula (that's the first time he hasn't had to go to Vapotherm first!) Praise God - your prayers have clearly been working!!! He is just blowing everyone away by how quickly he is recovering! He even smiled at me a few times! If we have learned nothing from this little guy, we have learned that he is a FIGHTER!

The cardiology fellow stopped by today and we had an interesting discussion. They're still trying to figure out why Bodie decompensated as badly as he did. When I asked whether it couldn't all be explained by the untreated c-diff, he told me he didn't think do. They have heart kids (even hypoplasts) that get c-diff symptoms for days before treatment that don't get as sick as Bodie did.

They are thinking that perhaps it has to do with the size of Bodie's shunt. They put in a HUGE shunt during his last surgery (5mm) due to his severe pulmonary hypertension and unexplained dependence on oxygen. Well, wouldn't you know it - his pulmonary hypertension appears to have resolved itself so well that he's left with a giant shunt sending oxygenated blood to his lungs. (Yes, that means we have some awesome prayer warriors praying for Bodie!!!) That's fine generally, but if he ends up getting sick or getting an infection of some sort and his body sends out an inflammatory response, all of the sudden his heart, brain, etc. Have to compete with his lungs for that blood. So, because of that, they're now talking (are you ready for this?) about doing an EARLY Glenn (maybe Jun/Jul)!!! Craziness, I tell you.

I think it's way too early to get too excited about anything (this really is just a theory at this point) - we should know more with certainty once Bodie recovers and the doctors are able to piece together what happened.

Today, please pray:
1. For Bodie's body to continue to heal.
2. For his heart function to improve, so that he is able to come off the Milrinone.
3. For him to come off the nasal canula back to room air.
4. For wisdom for the doctors to accurately determine what happened to Bodie and to develop the best plan for the future.
5. Pray that they decide to let him come home!!!

Thanks as always,
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  1. It is so good to hear that Bodie is smiling at you - must have brought your heart such joy. As I was just sitting here with my eyes closed I was drawn to Psalm 33:15 "He fashions their hearts individually and understands all their works" Thank You, dear God for reassuring us of Your knowledge of Bodie's needs and we are blessed to place him in Your care. Do what Your heart wants!

  2. My Bodie! I love and miss you so much! You look so handsome! Ah, I can't wait to see you! Dear Amy, I have all your prayer requests in my heart and will pray for you all. I hope very much Bodie gets to come home for a while before his next surgery. It's unbelievable that his pulmonary HTN has resolved itself! My goodness! Our God is MIGHTY and LOVING! We will continue to pray for continued miracles and that my Bodie continues to be God's light! All my love... sleep with angels tonight my Bodie. I pray you feel God holding you in his loving arms tonight and that you wake up stronger tomorrow... off the O2 and MIlrinone very soon. Nairi n family

  3. WOW! What an awesome recovery! It's so hard to believe where he was medically a few days ago and where he is now. One of the best things about being a part of the CHD world is getting to follow along and see miracles happen all the time. Always praying for your adorable Bodie!
    Heart hugs,
    Jenny (Aly's (HLHS) Mommy)

  4. Yeah!!! We will keep up the prayers! What an amazing little guy you have there. Love, Erin