Monday, September 13, 2010

Back in CTICU

Bodie is now back in the cticu, resting fairly comfortably. The general plan is to start Sildenafil immediately and start weaning the nitric today, with the hope of extubating tomorrow maybe. The upside of being intubated is that they can give him just about whatever gnarly pain med they want (b/c they don't have to worry about him being with it enough to breathe). Overall, he looks really good and the tone of his room is positive.

Thank you for your prayers. As with his 2 previous heart surgeries, the first 24-48 hours are critical, so PLEASE keep the prayers coming!

Townes is now in the OR and his surgery is underway. Please keep praying for him as well!
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  1. Still praying and happy to read that the mood in the room is positive.

  2. Wonderful news! Praying that Bodies recovery is swift and as pain and bump free as possible. :)

  3. Praise the Lord! I'm so glad to hear he's resting comfortably. I will continue to pray fervently over the next 2 days as Bodie's little body recovers from surgery and adjusts to the changes from his Glenn. He is such a strong little guy! Yay! Hoping you and your husband are able to rest and that you have God's overwhelming peace covering you now that this surgery is complete. I do agree with what I've heard so much: life after the Glenn is awesome! :)

    Heart hugs!

  4. Praying for you my Bodie to recover quickly... we love you soooo much! God bless you and your friends at the hospital...xoxooxoxoxo: Nairi

  5. Saw your blog on Bowen's page, praying for you and your family. We know it all too well. Our son Asher has HLHS, he's almost 2 and will have his Fontan in the spring. We are praying for an easy recovery with no complications!

    Julia Pray

  6. Dear Amy, The whole Berwyn group and Patty too are praying for Bodie. We are so happy that he made it through the Glenn and they are positive in his room. I hope you have a good night and tomorrow will bring only good news. Patty said they take care of many Glenn babies and usually they do really well and she was very positive about Bodie's outcome. God bless your entire family and give you a peaceful night. Pam (one of the Berwyn group who has kept you in her prayers from day 1 because I always forward the blogs and your mom's emails to Carol, Pam and Patty) Anyway Pam's son and his wife had a baby boy today (9-13) and so she was so happy, but still when I called her to see how Mark and Melissa were doing, she asked right away about Bodie. We are all feeling like a part of us is with you on this journey, and I know I went to bed both Denny and I praying for Bodie and while at the ocean today, I continued to pray and think about the time it iwas in California and what was happening. We flew home from Florida tonight. much love Mary Lynn

  7. Glad to see Bodie resting comfortably. I hope that the adjustment to the Glenn is a smooth process and you are all back under one roof again very very soon! Lots of prayers your way. Stay strong, Amy!

    && Prayers for Townes -- fight hard little guy.

  8. Prayers continue for Bodie as well as for Townes. Positive thoughts coming your way! Hang in there and stay strong! Lots of love