Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday morning update

Sorry it took so long to update the blog. I've been spending most of my time holding Bodie's head as he's been thrashing around trying to self-extubate - man this kid is STRONG for an underweight 6 month old with half a heart!

Anyway, here goes:

BODIE: Bodie is really doing great. He's been off Nitric since last night and was just extubated about an hour ago - praise God!!! Please pray he is able to tolerate the extubation and they can lower his high-flow settings enough for him to eat.

When he is awake, he is MAD (thrashing around a lot). His head is a little swollen (he looks a bit like a marshmallow lol), so I'm sure some of the pain is due to the dreaded "Glenn headaches" (caused by changing pressures in the upper half of the body). They're trying to manage his pain, but with his history of "drug use" they're finding it hard to find a drug that actually works for him. Please pray they can figure that out.

If he tolerates the extubation, the plan is to wean him down on the hi-flow so we can start feeding him. Please pray that he tolerates the wean so that we can feed him later today or tomorrow!

TOWNES: Townes remains stable and is really holding his own. They're giving his body a rest today and leaving everything as-is while his body adjusts to its new pressures. Please pray that his body does some serious healing today so that he can get his chest closed tomorrow and start working toward recovering!

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers - please keep them coming!
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  1. YAY Bodie! Thanks for updating about Townes too. It is so great that you and Sara are there for each other...

    Lindy Flatau (Sara's friend from growing up)

  2. Thank you for the update!! I figured no news was good news but I needed some reassurance (I'm a worry wart!) :) Yay for extubation!!! I am hopeful he will be feeling a little more comfortable now that that tube is gone. Praying for more progress tonight!

    Let Sara know we are praying for Townes and her family too! Townes just needs one more day to adjust...tomorrow, it's progress time for him too!!!

  3. Praying for Bodie!! Hope those headaches go away soon.

  4. Praying for Bodie! He looks great. Remember 9 days and counting kiddo!

  5. Sending so much love and tons of prayers for Bodie and the entire family. May the team find the right dose and type of pain meds and may the headaches go away super soon!

  6. God Bless and Heal you, my Bodie. Sleep with angels tonight, baby. Sending you, Townes and all babies/children at the hospital loads of prayers tonight. Much Love: Nairi and family

  7. I am at the edge of my heart, barely able to contain my anxiety re: Bodie's condition, so thank you for the update :) I am so grateful that all is progressing in the right direction. God is so good and faithful. All my love to you, Judy

  8. Only God can pull you all through this and praise His name, He has promised to do just that. Love and Prayers!