Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little Man is TICKED (part 2)

Boy, today was a tough day. Poor little man's face got more and more swollen all day and he spent the better part of the day whimpering at me and giving me puppy dog eyes.

Exhibit 1 (this was basically the expression on his face ALL DAY):
Exhibit 2 (his little marshmallow face - check out these swollen cheeks):

As much as we tried to entertain him today, he was having NONE of it. He is done with this whole "Glenn head" thing. Hoping and praying he's feeling better tomorrow!

And in good news, they took out his central line this morning and he pulled out his peripheral IV, so he was completely sans tubes and wires (other than the nasal canula) for a bit, before the IV nurse came in and put a line back in (in his foot, which is great so his hands are now completely free) - they don't like to be completely without access. He's now down to 1L of oxygen and all but his Lasix is now oral! They're trying to get him ready for home - praise God! He is now "floor ready" which means he can go to the step down unit, but he is still technically in isolation due to his previous MRSA in the blood (he will have to have 3 separate negative MRSA tests to be cleared from isolation), so we have to wait for an isolation room to become available on the step-down floor. That could take a while, so I'm hoping maybe we'll get lucky and he'll be ready for discharge before a room opens up and they can just discharge us directly from the CTICU.

Prayer requests for tonight:
1. Pray that they can wean Bodie off of oxygen so we don't have to go home on it.
2. Pray that the pressures in his head adjust, his pain becomes more manageable and he starts to feel better.
3. Pray for Townes, who is still stable and the doctors are expecting to close his chest tomorrow.
4. This afternoon, the a little 4-year old boy awaiting a heart transplant in the room right next to us coded. They worked on him for about 25 minutes, but couldn't get him back. I could hear his mother just sobbing through the wall. Please pray for that family tonight - I cannot imagine the pain they are going through.



  1. Heartbreaking re: the 4-yr-old boy. Every mother's nightmare. I still check to make sure my kids are breathing every night before I can sleep. Poor Bodie! Poor little head :( Hugs to you, judy

  2. Poor Bodie. :( I remember that will Aly's Glenn the 2nd day after surgery was the worst for her too with swelling and headaches. But after that, day 3 was leaps and bounds better. Praying for Bodie to keep up the great recovery work and some relief.

  3. So glad Bodie is doing so good this time around! Answered prayer for sure! Hope his little head feels better soon, his pic is so sad. We'll be praying for the 4yr old family, I can't imagine!
    Love, Erin

  4. Poor little Bodie and his headaches, I can't imagine what he must be feeling. Hopefully they will pass very soon and he is all smiles again, I look forward to that! ♥

  5. Saying lots of prayers for little Bodie!!

  6. Poor little man! I do have to say that he is still incredibly handsome...marshmellow or not. I really hope that tomorrow brings relief to this boy :)