Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little man is TICKED

Good news - Bodie had a GREAT night. They pulled his arterial line, took him off Milrinone (so he's now off all drips!), weaned his O2 from 3L to 2L and started feeds! He did great overnight on both Pedialyte and breastmilk! He did so well taking his bottles that when he pulled his ng tube last night, they didn't even bother to replace it!

Less than Stellar news - little man is ticked off. I came in this morning to find his little head really pink and a little swollen. He is very awake, whimpering and giving me the saddest most pitiful eyes ever. He's clearly having some head pressure issues and he's REALLY annoyed with the nasal canula (all totally expected after the Glenn). The nurse gave him some morphine which then knocked him out enough that he didn't really want to eat. So it's been a challenging morning. All things we'll work through, but I feel bad for the little guy.

But aside from that, everyone keeps saying how great he looks. Really nice to hear! I'm SO proud of how well he's doing!

The plan is to switch all of his meds to oral today (instead of iv), work on weaning his 02 down and probably send us to the step-down floor in the next day or two. Please pray for all of this to happen smoothly!!!
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  1. Yay, yay, yay! Go Bodie, go! Little tough guy. Get outta there quick so your buddy Travis can meet you!

  2. Fabulous News!! Bodie is such a great example :) What a sweet, strong man! How is sweet Sierra doing?

  3. God Bless y'all, Amy. Your entire family is amazing and Bodie is my hero!

  4. Praise God! Bodie is a miracle baby. This time around he knows how great it is to be at home and he wants to get back there quickly. Praying for you all!