Friday, September 17, 2010

Keep fighting, sweet Townes

Bodie is doing fine and continues recovering (thank you for the continued prayers), so I wanted to dedicate my post tonight to Townes and ask specifically for prayers for Townes.

Although he tolerated his chest closure well, Townes continues to struggle with sedation issues. And they cannot even begin to start weaning him off of the ventilator (he's on both nitric oxide and oxygen) and down on the heart function support meds (epi, dopamine, milrinone) until they can get his sedation under control. They have thrown so many sedation meds at him since Monday (they haven't had much choice since Townes is one STRONG boy and is a fighter) and they're not working so great anymore. So, they did an assessment of all of the meds he's been given today and are going to change things up to hopefully find a smaller mix of meds that actually work for him. I have faith that they'll figure it out, but in the meantime, Sara and Aaron sit and wait, and watch. Incredibly frustrating and worrisome for them.

PLEASE PRAY that the doctors can get this figured out so that Sara and Aaron can get their sweet boy back. Please pray also that he begins letting go of a lot of the fluid he's been holding onto (in other words, PEE!). I would LOVE to see Townes really start to turn the corner tonight and tomorrow - please pray specifically that is what will happen. We love Townes and hate to see him struggling like this.



  1. He is definitely in my prayers tonight. Pee prayers are ones I know too well.

  2. THANKS AMY!!! We love having you and Bodie up at CTICU ... but love that you will be going home soon!!! =o) (But I do have to admit, I'll miss our visit, McFluury runs, lunches, carpooling, .... =o)

  3. So happy for Bodie, and you and Dusk! God is so good. I'll be praying for Townes, poor little guy. Beautiful picture of him and mommy. Love,Erin

  4. I'll be praying for sweet Townes tonight!!!
    ~Kimberly B.~

  5. God Bless You, my Bodie. SOOOOOOO excited that you are coming home today. And we will keep praying for your friend Townes and his family. God is all powerful and we will trust for healing for Townes. Love and blessings: Nairi and family