Monday, September 13, 2010

Prayers for Townes

Please say some prayers for Bodie's dear friend Townes (21 months old) tonight. Townes had his Fontan today and the surgeon had to do a fair amount of arch re-construction. Townes is suffering from some serious post-op complications including bleeding. Please please please pray that the doctors can get his bleeding under control and regulation issues fixed. Pray for Townes' little body to keep fighting hard. Thank you!
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  1. We'll keep on praying for all of you! Love, Erin

  2. We will keep praying for all kids, especially townes tonight sweet amy. May God be with you all in His love heal all the children. Blessings: Nairi n family

  3. Praying for all of God's special "heart kids". They are called that because they touch our hearts in ways we would never experience without knowing them (even from afar or only online). We love you all as if you were our own family and will be praying.