Friday, September 10, 2010

Surgery Buddies

Next week is going to be a busy week in the heart community (especially our little heart community)! I'd like to ask for prayers not only for Bodie next week, but also for some sweet heart buddies we've met. Both of these sweet little HLHS heroes have big surgeries next week. Please pray for smooth surgeries and quick recoveries for all of these kids. Pray that they will all fly through their surgeries and be back home with their families in no time!

Townsend Hale:
(Bodie and Townes)

I think you all know Townes, our hero. We love Townes! Townes is having his Fontan (the 3rd of the 3-stage palliative surgeries used to treat HLHS) Monday morning, also at CHLA, also by Dr. Starnes! We were SO excited to know that Sara and Aaron will be up at CHLA right alongside us on Monday!!! In fact, I'm guessing Townes must be right behind Bodie on the surgery schedule as our call time is 7am and his is 8am. Definitely God's hand in this! For details about Townes, you can see more pictures and follow his journey at

Zoe Lihn:
We've gotten to know Zoe through Jacob's mom Kathy (I've asked for prayers for Jake on a few occassions - he's the little guy who had a really rough time after his Norwood but was out after his Glenn in less than a week). Zoe is having her pre-Glenn cardiac catheterization Monday and her Glenn Tuesday, Sept 15th. For details about Zoe, you can see more pictures and follow her journey at

Thank you prayer warriors!


  1. How sweet of God to put Bodie and Townes' surgeries together. I'll be praying for all three of these sweeties!

  2. God bless you parents 1st of all for your effortless love and commitment. Of course we are praying for my Bodie NON-STOP, and for sweet Townes and Zoe. May God deliver them from danger and harm, and bring all these miraculous children home to you, their parents. If you need me for anything, Amy, let me know. And please give my sweet Bodie a bear hug from his "auntie" nairi... and a big kiss to pretty sister sierra. All our love: the jeppsons

  3. We'll be praying for Bodie and buddies. We'll be praying for your strength and for Sierra to understand. We love you guys!