Monday, September 6, 2010

Life's a Beach

Bodie finally got his first trip to the Beach this weekend! (Cannot believe it took us so long to take him, considering we're just a couple of miles from the beach, but we're just glad we finally got him there!). He had a great time...but don't be fooled into thinking it was a wonderful perfect beach trip. As beach trips go, Bodie was ok with it (he was basically in his carseat or my arms the entire time), but Sierra got all huffy and mad when Dusk tried to make her go into the water, and then she ended up having a pee accident and it got all over her legs, which were already scratched up from having played in the bushes earlier in the day while Dusk was trimming the hedges and let's just say that pee and scrapes don't go well together. So then she was a screaming mess (Is it just me or are 3 year olds SO much more dramatic than the rest of the human race?), so then we made her go into the cold ocean to clean her off and then she came back and got wet sand everywhere and wasn't too excited about that either. Ah, the wonders of the beach! All told, I think we were only there maybe an hour. But hey, it made for a memorable trip, right? (and of course she can't wait to go back!)

Here are some pics:
Man with the overbite ready to hit the beach
Sissie smiling before the whole "pee incident"
Huffing and refusing to go into the water
Finally heading into the water with daddy
All relaxed (again with the overbite!)
Love chubby baby feet

Please continue to pray for Bodie's eating/teething issues. What we thought was teething has returned with vengeance the last 2 days, at the exact same time we put him back on the high calorie formula fortifier. We're not sure whether it's reflux or him just not liking the formula, but it's making it REALLY difficult to get him to eat since he's screaming at me through most of the feeds (he doesn't seem to scream when it's just the breastmilk, but he doesn't grow nearly as well as when it's fortified, so we're kind of caught between a rock and a hard place). Please pray that we can work with his cardiologist to come up with a solution that works for Bodie.


  1. First of all, i LOVE all pictures, especially the feet pictures... how adorable!!! and, yes, we will pray for bodie's eating and weight gain... we also pray for townes, your mom, and all of you. very happy sierra's going back to school. kisses and blessings to you all, especially my bodie: nairi n family.

  2. It was LOVELY seeing you today, my Bodie! What a treat! And your sissy too! Wow! Bonus for me! :o) Just wanted to wish you sweet dreams and no fever after your vaccines and no toothache tonight. Sleep with angels, my Bodie. Kisses: nairi