Saturday, September 18, 2010

Urgent prayers needed for Townes right now

Please take some time to pray for Townes right now if you can.

They extubated him in the hopes that it would reduce his agitation.

Latest text from his mom Sara "Townes is still very agitated and not really relaxing; hard to tell if b/c of all the drugs or if he's had some brain damage. Heart rate& blood pressure going up too high so they are working on that. He needs lots of prayers b/c so many unknowns right now. Please pray for our sweet Townes."

Please please please pray for Townes!
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  1. Dear Townes. Know that we are sending lots of prayers up to our loving God and asking for healing for you. May you be blessed with peace, and great health really soon. God be with you tonight and may you feel His angels holding you throughout the night. Love and blessings: Nairi and family